About the Film

A hapless man's facial hair becomes possessed by the spirit of a Satanic serial killer who is hellbent on getting a final sacrifice in order to complete an ancient ritual.

Polterstache Screening Poster

Principal Cast

  • LISA SCHUSTER • Madison
  • DEREK NORN • Bronski
  • LEE-ANN SHEEL • The Hooker
  • KEN HAMMOND • Wally Cox

Principal Crew

  • NOLAN LEWIS • Director, Producer & Writer
  • CARY MCKNIGHT • Producer, Director of Photography & Music
  • DEREK NORN • Producer & VFX
  • LOGAN HAWKES • Production Sound Mixer
  • BECKY WATSON • Hair & Makeup


Hailing straight out of Calgary, first-time Director Nolan Lewis made the move to Vancouver in the summer of 2008, where he made the decision to pursue his passion for film and enrolled in the Diploma in Screenwriting for Film & Television at VFS.

Upon graduating from VFS, Nolan continued to write several spec scripts as well as collaborating on film projects. Polterstache marks his first foray into writing and directing. Currently he is working on developing a new, original television series called, The Gauntlet.

“Polterstache is a passion project born out of my love for the horror films of the eighties and early nineties. I aimed to capture the stylistic look and feel of the genre and period, along with the comedic aspect that comes with looking back at your favourite old VHS tapes. The film is for anyone who appreciates a campy (read: low budget) vibe, a bit of gore, and a little comedy too. I made Polterstache for me, but I hope you like it too!”

- Nolan Lewis